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The New Mold Remover-Vodka!

0 Comments 24 August 2011

What is one of the most annoying and unpleasant possible problem in one home? The mold appearance. Most people have to deal with killing mold and they waste great amount of money, efforts and valuable time. However, treating mold area can be tricky, particularly if you want to avoid using harsh chemical solutions. You just need to find this excellent and efficient method for killing and removing molding a natural way. What are your alternatives? According to professional cleaning services London you can kill mold only by using something you probably already have in your home freezer-vodka. How to work with it?

As a beginning prepare all the things you will need during the removal process. In this particular case you have to store out bottle of vodka, spray bottle, cloth and toothbrush.

To actually start the cleaning pour the vodka into the spray bottle in a way that will leave enough space in the bottle so that inserting the sprayer’s nozzle will not cause the bottle to overflow.

Then apply the vodka directly onto the area affected with mold. According to professional cleaning services London you have to do this in order to kill the mold and halt further growth.

Allow it to sit for several minutes, then wipe the mold from the affected area using a soft cleaning cloth or a soft toothbrush. In case you want to remove the mold, not just killing it, multiple applications of vodka and extra wipe.

At the end rinse well the cleaned area with water. Vodka does not leave a scent, but rinsing it is a good thing to be done if you are concerned about pets or children coming into contact with alcohol.

Professional cleaning services London along with End of tenancy cleaning wish you good cleaning results!

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