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Many people love Oriental rugs, but never purchase one, because they think it would be impossible to preserve it in good shape. Actually these beautiful area rugs can please your eyes and embellish your home for quite a long time. All you need to do is to get familiar with the specifics of this kind of flooring. Their natural fibres require certain care, but once you learn how to treat your rug’s maintenance will be simply as ABC.

Remove Food and Beverage Stains and Spills

With our modern stain removals and cleaning products what you should be worry about is not the look of the stain, but the moisture. Red wine is not so scary – the colour of your natural oriental carpet can be brought back. But if you don’t take care of the accident as quick as possible you risk mould appearance.

Mould is what can really destroy your Persian rug. This is why you need to absorb the moisture really well. After this some stains will require diluting and some stains won’t. If you need to dilute don’t get your carpet soaking wet. When the contamination is visibly less apply appropriate stain removal product on your rug, let it do its magic for a while, rinse, using damp cloth and absorb the remaining moisture. If the weather allows it leave the windows opened to let your oriental rug air dry. You can also take care of the moist area using hair dryer.

Deal With Pet Urine Stains

These are quite common stains for pet owners, but they have to be handled differently than food spills. This is because the pet urine is acidic and can literally bleach your oriental rug, if you don’t act immediately. When you deal with pet accidents you proceed the same way as with the other types of staining, the difference is you need to neutralise the action of the urine. Use enzyme cleaning product, because this is the only way to get rid of the specific odour. Some enzyme cleaners need to stay on the affected area longer than the others, to give the expected result so you have to read the label carefully before you start cleaning. After you’re done with the specialised cleaner you need to rinse and dry well your rug, in order to avoid mildew and mould appearance.

Save Your Rug After Water Flood

We all face plumbing issues in our homes at least once in a lifetime. If you found your oriental soaking wet don’t panic, there is a way to save it. You will need to place your wet oriental somewhere dry and warm. The best option is to hang or lay it in your backyard. If it is too wet, use a squeegee to push as much water from the carpet as possible before letting it dry. Just remember don’t leave your oriental under the direct sunlight for more than a few days, because the colours will begin to fade. If the weather is too cold, you can dry your carpet inside using heaters and fans.

No matter what the problem is, most oriental rugs can be cleaned and saved. But you should take in mind, that some original oriental carpets are dyed using special technology and their colours fade bleed easily than the others. If you have any doubts that water treatment will ruin your rug, better turn to rug cleaning specialist.


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