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How to Wash Dishes Quickly By Hand

0 Comments 30 January 2013

Washing dishes – one of the easiest and in the same time most unpleasant home cleaning chores you can think of. The pile of dirty dishes inside the kitchen sink isn’t something to look forward to, especially if you, like me, are going to wash the dishes by hand. Still, there is one test and proven method to make the annoying chore of washing dishes if not more pleasant, then, at least done quickly.


As any other household chores recruiting the help of others is always welcome. After all if you find somebody to assist you with cleaning tasks you are bound to get them done quicker. The same goes for the dirty dishes as well. However, there is one big problem – nobody likes to lend a hand when it comes to washing utensils, bowls, plates, cups, pots and so on. If you want to find allies in your attempts to get the dishes cleaned quickly then you should offer something in return a reward of some kind. But don’t worry if your attempts to lure anyone fail you can still get the dishes clean quickly by hand using this proven and tested method.


Before you start the process of washing let me tell you that most efficient and quick completion of this chore you’ll need to have double bowl sink in your kitchen. And if you don’t then you should improvise somehow to make it look like you have a double bowl sink. An empty basin should do the job for you.

Now plug the sink hole on one of the double bowls and fill it with water. The water should be hot enough so that you can freely keep your hands in it. After the bowl is full add few squirts of dishwashing liquid and stir the water to create suds. You are going to use the one bowl of the sink to submerge and scrub the dishes and the other bowl to rinse them. One final thing before you start the actual washing you should scrape off any excess of food and leftovers from the surface of the dish before putting it in the water. Make sure to prepare an empty rack in close vicinity of the sink on which to store the clean dishes.

Washing by Hand

When everything is prepared you can start with the cleaning of dishes itself. First separate them into an order and stack the dirty dishes in some order plates, bowls, utensils and so on. Stack them into separate piles and put them on the side of the sink.

  • Take the first dirty plate and place under the sudsy water and while it is still submerged scrub it with a sponge, afterwards take out the plate and put in the other bowl of the kitchen sink.
  • Move on to the next plate and repeat the process. Place the second plate on the top of the first.
  • Stack all the plates on top of each other in the other sink bowl.
  • Then rinse them one by one and put them on the rack so that the water can drains down.
  • If the rack starts to fill up you should stop washing and take out a cloth to with which to dry the already clean dishes and put them in the dish cabinet.
  • Repeated the same procedure for bowls, pots, and utensils.

Few Tips

  1. Always wash pots after plates and bowls and one by one because they will take up much of the in the sink and on the dish rack.
  2. Wash utensils last.
  3. Do not submerge all the kitchen knives under water because you want to be able to see what are you grabbing for through the sudsy water
  4. Wear rubber gloves to protect the skin on your hands from cuts or getting wrinkled from the water.

The efficient and quick dish washing by hand can be achieved even if you do it by yourself. Simply follow the recommended tips and methods and try it for yourself.

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