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How to Restore a Leather Chair

0 Comments 10 June 2012

There are no item that doesn’t require maintenance, especially if you are using it on a daily basis. That also applies to your leather office chair. It needs to be cleaned as any other piece of furniture around the home or office. If you are working in a big company that would be fulfilled from a specialized personnel. However, in case your office is not that big , probably the cleaners would be hired to go over the floor with a steam cleaner. That means that you should take care of this by yourself.

Learn how to fulfill such treatment easily from the following cleaners Clerkenwell tips on how to restore your leather good state:

Take a cleaning rag. Wet it slightly with cold water. Pour several drops of either castle soap or saddle soap on it.

Then rub the soapy cloth over the leather surface of your chair, working in circular motions while cleaning. Don’t be afraid to apply a little bit more pressure on the stubborn stains. Leather material is resistant enough. The only thing you should be careful about is the cleaning agents you area applying on its surface. Even if the chair doesn’t have a tag with directions, you can take a quick, but careful look at your cleaning compound label. If it says that is suitable for leather or at least doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals , you have nothing to worry about.

Take another clean rag and moisten it with cold water. Wring out the excess liquid and wipe the chair surface to lift the soap residue.

As a final effort take a third, dry rag and go over the leather with it to absorb any excess moisture from the chair.

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