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0 Comments 23 June 2011

There is no need to go through rigorous house cleaning drills every day to keep your home tidy. With few very simple tips and a little guidance you can achieve very satisfactory results and always have a tidy home. You just have to remember 6 rules and you are set. And the rules are: de-clutter, wipe down, mop, empty, restock and display.

First, there is one thing around the house that always make it look untidy and that is the clutter, well, at least that is what Camden cleaners say. Get rid of any clutter in your house. For the purpose take one basket and start moving from room to room collecting all the things that create clutter – catalogues, bills, old newspaper sand magazines, toys, handbags and shoes, sport equipment and accessories.

When you are done with the clutter, proceed with forward by wiping down all of these things in your home: kitchen countertops, stainless steel surfaces, hardwood furniture, mirrors and glasses, bathroom sink, shower, bathtub and toilet. It is not necessary to clean all these things every day, but 3-4 a day should be enough.

After you are done with that mop up and vacuum the floors in the different rooms. Carpet cleaning Camden experts suggest that while you’ve taken the vacuum cleaner out you can attach the upholstery cleaning tool and clean the upholstered furniture as well.

While following the previous rules you probably accumulated a lot of thrash and garbage, and now it is time to throw it out. Empty the dirty clothes basket, too. Clear out all the dirty dishes in the sink and put them in the dishwasher while you are at it.

Replace and Display the final two rules. This means that you are almost done. Replace all old bathroom towels and other hand towels around the house with new ones. You can replace bed covers and drapes, too. Now, put the finishing touches and place a fruit bowl on the table, fluff and arrange pillows and cushions, pull the curtains so that the light from outside doesn’t reveal any cleaning imperfections and you are done. The will you home look really tidy.

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Mark Jameson is one of our professional freelance writers. Although he doesn't have such a close experience with the cleaning chores, he knows a lot about them and is ready to share everything. Where does he takes all this information from? From the books and from all his friends who have tested many of the cleaning tips from the web. So, you can be sure that everything Mark shared with us is already checked and proved that it works.

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