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How to Clean Carpet on Stairs

0 Comments 16 August 2011

Placing a carpet on the stairs in your house isn’t just for decorative purposes, it is also very practical and convenient. Especially if you have little children or pets in the house. For example, the carpet on the stairs prevents them from hurting themselves seriously if they fall down the stairs. But there is one big problem with that form of carpeting which is how dirty the carpet gets.

Although there is no way to prevent the dirt and grime, especially in the places with high traffic on stairs covered with carpet, you can always get it clean. But the cleaning of a carpeting on stairs is little trickier than ordinary carpet cleaning. Still, there is nothing too complex about, just different cleaning methods.

When cleaning such carpets it is recommended to sweep them first. Take a broom and start sweeping going from the top of the stairs towards the bottom. This way you will make sure that the step that was just cleaned won’t get dirty again, like if you were moving in the opposite direction. After you are done with the sweeping start vacuuming. Experts from different carpet cleaning London companies recommend using cordless handheld vacuum cleaners for the stairs. They are both mobile and easier to reach around the edges and ridges.

Of course, like any other carpet the stair carpet requires deep cleaning from time to time. This may sound like a complex task but it just seems this way. There are two things you should remember clean the carpet from the top step of the stairs towards the bottom, and use a brush to reach the edges between the steps. Other than that everything is the same. After you are done vacuum the carpet to remove any foam residue and let it dry properly.

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