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Heels Emergency -How to Restore Your Sticky Patent Leather Shoes

0 Comments 13 March 2012

Patent leather is one of the most current material in many industries, mainly in the cloth and shoes produce. One of the top designers all around the world use it for their new line as well as for their abstract conceptions. The patient leather is shiny and attractive and can be used for casual dress to a official cocktail outfit. Furthermore, such items are easy to care for and don’t require expensive maintenance. Unfortunately, patent leather can become sticky over the time. When this happens, don’t fall in despair , because your favorite shoes are no longer wearable. Before you throw them away, you can at least to try fix the sticky patent leather. In most of the cases you will need only e few product you probably already have in your home to restore the patient leather good appearance.

Learn how to handle such chore from the following cleaners Kensal Green tips on how to restore your sticky leather shoes:

As a start you have to prepare your cleaning tools. It will be much more comfortable to have everything on hand instead of seeking for each item individually. In this case you will only need soft rag, bottle of commercial vinegar and mineral spirits.

Take a clean, soft rag and go over the entire shoes surface with it in order to get rid of all the dirt accumulation on your heels.

Then moisten a soft rag with vinegar. Rub the sticky part of the leather with the vinegar until all of the stickiness vanishes.
Buff the treated area with a clean, soft rag.

Wet another clean, soft rag with mineral spirits and work on the leather surface with it in order to restore the material shiny look and to protect it from drying and cracking.

Cleaners Kensal Green wish you great final results!

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