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Clever Uses for Epsom Salt

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Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, has numerous of clever uses and applications, which, sadly, only few people know about. The versatility of the Epsom salt, however, is well documented and you will be surprised to learn how many different things you can accomplish around the house using this mineral.


Before we dwell further into the uses of the Epsom salt around the household first let touch a little bit on the subject how this mineral came to an existence and from where it takes its name. The name comes from the small town of Epsom in Surrey, England where this mineral was first manufactured. In fact in some countries around the world Epsom salt is also known as English salt, mainly due to the fact that Epsom is a small town with population of around 30 000 people that the rest of the world probably never heard of. For more information about the chemical compound of the Epsom salt and how it forms you can visit the Wikipedia entry for this mineral.

Uses and Applications

The Epsom salt is mainly used in medicine and agriculture but the mineral has many additional not that well known applications and uses as well. However, the Magnesium sulfate is used for anything from house cleaning chores to decorations.


You’ve probably experienced the difficulty of cleaning the tile grout or the ceramic tiles after they got dirty because of the renovation works done in your house. There are three possible solutions for you either call any company that provides like London Cleaning Team, or go to the store to purchase expensive tile cleaning products and agents, or simply use a mixture of Epsom salt and dish washing detergent to get the ceramic tiles in the bathroom cleaned again. Mix equal parts of Magnesium sulfate and liquid dish detergent and then simply rub onto the tiles until all the grime and dirt is completely removed.


The Epsom salt has numerous applications around the garden as well. For example, Epsom salt is widely used as a fertilizer in the garden. For ages people are using this mineral to soil their house plants, crops and garden flowers. All you have to do is to add Epsom salt to the soil on weekly basis. And if you want to have greener looking grass on your lawn then mix 2 tablespoons of Magnesium sulfate with water and water the grass with it.


The Magnesium sulfate is used in medicine for quite some time. The mineral serves as a remedy for different medical and health problems. For example, you can remove splinters stuck in your hand simply by submerging it in a basin full of lukewarm water mixed with the salt. The mixture will make it easier for the splinter to get out. This mineral can be used for muscle pain relieve as well because it can sedate the nervous system and draw toxics out the body, leaving your muscles feel relaxed.


House Decorations

If you have Epsom salt somewhere around the house, then you don’t need to buy artificial frost with which to decorate your windows next Christmas season. Simply mix the Epsom salt with stale beer and then apply the mixture with a sponge onto the window to make the windows look frosty.


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